A “grate” garlic tip.

roxysezeats.wordpress.com posted the following. “My favorite tip for garlic is to grate it directly over the pan I am cooking in. it is more consistent then any chopping, easier and makes the taste distribute better. Also for my friends that don’t care for the taste of garlic, I saute it up a little while first to take off the edge and add a little unique sweetness. Garlic is so good for you and easy to add to almost anything. looking forward to more stuff of yours.”


About Rob Webster

Hello, I am a qualified horticulturalist and have been growing garlic for 25 years. We grow Garlic, chemical free, using no machinery, in the mountains of central northern New South Wales. Family run hobby farm, garlic available for sale by post.
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2 Responses to A “grate” garlic tip.

  1. gracefullygf says:

    I am obsessed with my handheld adjustable slicer. I do a variation on this trick- I slice my garlic over the pan on the thinnest setting (watch those fingertips!). The great thing about this is I can then slice whatever else I am putting in the pot or pan on thicker settings-carrots, potatoes, ginger, etc. Hardly any dishes, and SO fast.

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